Guardians of Excellence

The Board of Visitors provides direct community

involvement in monitoring the

quality of care and management of facility

services in state psychiatric and

developmental facilities.    

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Working for People With Special Needs in NY

As members of the board of visitors we advocate to help protect the rights of children & adults with mental and intellectual disabilities in New York State. We  provide  helpful oversight, giving them a means of directly voicing their needs and concerns by making on site visits.

Mission of Board of Visitors

The mission of Board of Visitors is to provide effective oversight and advocacy for children & adults with mental and developmental disabilities who receive services from the State of New York.  Board of Visitors seeks to empower people with special needs.  We encourage children & adults with disabilities to carry out their statutory responsibilities through education, effective networking, collective advocacy and communication opportunities. Our organization reviews the services provided in the education, childcare, employment, behavioral management and community engagement. 


Empower People with Special Needs

We are an organization focused on encouraging children & adults with disabilities to gain independence and reach their apex in life.


Protecting Disability Rights

Many children & adults with mental health disabilities experience a broad array of barriers to health care, employment, education, and other oversight . They are often also deprived of their basic rights to accessible housing and living independently. No matter what their needs are, we strive to be an organization that assists people with special needs to live a happy and secure life.